Eiosis e2 De-Esser


The de-esser has always been something hard to perfect in any form whether in the analog or digital world. There have been fantastic efforts created including the Fab Filter Pro-DS digital plugin and the SPL analog de-esser. There still always seems to be a tradeoff or limitation which each offering out there though. The most obvious to me is the lisp sound when aggressively de-essing or inaccurate de-essing of words rather than consonants with aggressive de-essing. Eiosis has aimed to squash all the issues with de-essing.

Fabrice Gabriel needs no introduction to the audio world. The work he has done with Slate Digital goes without saying he aims for 100% perfection with all his work whether modeling or original. The e2 de-esser is no different. The first time I pulled it up on a track I didn’t touch a single setting and had a complete wow moment. I couldn’t believe how effective it was. The biggest thing was I couldn’t believe how transparent it was. I knew I was in for a real treat at this point. Fabric’s long awaited releases are always worth the wait. The perfection and attention to detail on this plugin has been something I’ve been looking forward to for years in a de-esser.


You’ll notice several unique features in the main section compared to a typical de-esser. I won’t go in great detail on each one since this is a review rather than a tutorial. For me the amount and dry/wet blend functions can allow me to get really aggressive with no trace of de-essing to my ears. I like to solo the consonants and dial in the sensitivity knob. You’ll notice how freakishly accurate you can get it. Complete de-essing while literally not touching any other part of the words. You can even watch it on the fantastic spectrogram in the top section of the plugin.


The side chain and voiced EQ section is easy to use and very flexible in its capabilities.You can de-ess several times anywhere you want throughout the frequency spectrum along with re-applying EQ to the voiced signal. You can de-ess and EQ using bell and shelf filters along with hi and low pass filters.

I’ve spoken specifically today on de-essing vocals and dialogue. It’s also very effective on cymbals, edgy guitars, shakers, tambourines, and the list goes on. Anything with harshness needing to be tamed this is the plugin for you. This thing will be involved in every session I’m a part of for a long time to come. Eiosis still has this on introductory sale for $99. I’d honestly pay $299 if I had to. It’s that good. Head over to www.eiosis.com to check it out.