Can the iZotope RX line get even better with it’s 5th release?

There are only a few companies I can think of that make me act like a kid at Christmas when I see a new product announced. iZotope is at the top of the list in this regard. When I see an updated version coming out I always catch myself thinking what the heck else could they add? I start skimming over new features and sure enough there’s new features bound to be game changers!

The entire RX line has been a game changer for me since RX2. That’s when I first discovered this gem. Ever since then it has helped me solve some otherwise completely helpless issues. I can imagine the look on my face the first time I removed a music stand click from a vocal track had to be like a company office witnessing a fax for the first time. Granted I get to record most of my own productions to keep this kind of stuff under control, but when I get work from new clients I have no idea what to expect. The de-clip module alone has salvaged many a vocal track I’ve had to mix but did not record. I could reflect more but I’m excited to dig into the latest features of RX5.


RX5 Module Chain

Pictured Above: RX5 Module Chain

I’ll start with the module chain. It’s been great making tons of chained module presets to thumb through. This has definitely been a great workflow enhancement. The instant process tool has been useful as well. Just click instant process, select from the instant process drop menu, and highlight the area in question. It really is that simple. I love simplicity. These two additions has sped up my workflow greatly. A faster workflow means more time spent on other projects. Count me in!

Pictured Below: Before & After De-Plosive Module

RX5 Post De-PlosiveRX5 Pre De-Plosive

The new de-plosive module in RX5 Advanced is something I’ve been waiting for a long time. After using it I can say personally it was worth the upgrade alone. I posted above a vocal track I received with several p pop’s. Notice the difference on the spectrogram along with the unaffected lower midrange and up. There are several presets to help you get a feel for the module. I quickly dialed settings I liked and saved them. I’m serious when I say this module is absolutely invaluable to me now.

Pictured Below: RX5 Leveler At Work

RX5 Post Leveler

The leveler in RX5 advanced is a new but not new feature. It received an overhaul from RX4. It’s been optimized for dialogue with a new de-esser and de-breath feature added. They optimized the leveler DSP for music as well. I will admit these features can be very sensitive so take time to really learn the parameters and how they respond to the corresponding audio. Also new is the ambience match plugin. It was only available as an offline module in RX4. You can now use it as a plugin in your DAW. This has been another workflow enhancement for me that’s saved precious time. You now have a 6-band corrective EQ with an adjustable bandwidth Q of up to 400! This takes audio forensics to a new level. The filters sound great with your choice of

digital and analog filters to suite whatever your needs may be. Other new small features include retina display support, a signal generator in RX5 Advanced, new presets for all existing modules, and markers & regions.

I’ve mainly been talking about RX5 Advanced. So, what did they add to RX5? Regular RX5 users will receive module chains, the instant process tool, corrective EQ, new presets, retina display support, markers and regions, and de-reverb from RX4 Advanced.

There are going to be those who say the added features won’t justify an upgrade considering RX4 came out a year ago. I’m going to disagree with them. Anytime I can get my work done faster I’m happy to pay for it. Module chains and instant process tools has done just that for me. The de-plosive module, revamped leveler, and slew of other small enhancements and features completely make it worth my time. iZotope has another satisfied customer here. Now I’m just eagerly awaiting Ozone 7!