U73B Compressor, from AUDIFIED, demo

I like this compressor unit. Simple in controls, yet complex in tones is the way that I explain it. The AUDIFIED U73B Compressor is not just for mastering, as I can get great sounding guitars and vocals with the U73B Compressor. As I spend more time learning to use this compressor, the list of uses will only get longer.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RiUkKJMdfU]

The AUDIFIED U73B Compressor is rather easy to use. This is a set it and forget it sort of affair, but please don’t think that the The AUDIFIED U73B Compressor is not a flexible unit. I just need more time in order to get used to what it does, what it is capable of, and to better learn how to use it. This is actually a digital version of a famous compressor from the 60’s. It was used for a reason, it must be good.