Talking Recording With Bjorgvin Benediktsson


If you’re like me you love to record. Early on in our careers though it can either be very intimidating or we use the “fix it in the mix” mentality. If you’re stuck in one of those places then hopefully this one on one chat with Bjorgvin is going to help you out! Bjorgvin is an SAE graduate based out of Arizona. He has a sharp ear and excellent advice for beginning and intermediate recordists. What are important fundamentals to recording? Is there really right and wrong mic techniques? Is your basement actually an ok space to record in?

We cover several topics like this and more. If you have any questions for us please leave them below for us! If there are enough we plan to do a follow up discussion for you guys. We may even do it just because we are audio nerds! So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the discussion. For more info on Bjorgvin follow some of the links below as well.

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