TMP Mag Pricing Changes – Important Info!

Hello TMP Mag readers and subscribers,

I have decided to raise the prices of content inside The Modern Producer iPad magazine. I am reluctant to do this, but to be frank, it’s a┬álast-ditch effort to keep the magazine alive.

As of June 19, the monthly subscription price will increase to $3.99, and single issues will be priced at $5.99.

The app will prompt you about the price change, and you will have to manually renew your subscription. If you do not renew, it will be automatically cancelled at the next renewal date.

My hope is that this price increase will get the magazine up to break-even point so that I can keep it going. I have a lot of ideas, including a lot of FREE special-issue content that I want to provide, but it will only be possible if the magazine is financially viable.

Though we’re accustomed to free content, especially on mobile devices, at $3.99 the monthly subscription is still the cost of a Starbucks latte. If you’re a subscriber, I hope you’ll stick around to see the magazine grow, but if not – thanks for your support in getting started.

-Jordan Valeriote