Preset Friday: Waves SSL Channel for Scream Vocals

This week’s plugin preset is for scream vocals, using my #1 go-to plugin: Waves SSL Channel.  I use this as a quick and dirty preset during tracking and adjust it to suit the mix.

My "scream" preset for the Waves SSL Channel

My “scream” preset for the Waves SSL Channel

Since it’s common for a screamer to be recording right up on the mic, it’s necessary to cut out some low end buildup.  The fast compression combined with the 8k boost puts the vocal right up front.  I like how it sounds with around 10db gain reduction with the compressor placed after the EQ (CH OUT button).  Try it out and share your results!


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  1. Hey Jordan!
    I love the blog and magazine. Learning so much. I noticed you had the JST Gain Reduction plugin featured in the first issue. I’ve used it a bunch and have had awesome results. Have you played with the JST GR? Just wondering your thoughts compared to this method (above), as it seems to do very similar things. Obviously there’s more control through the Waves SSL, but would you say the end result is similar?

    • Zach, I actually haven’t used the JST plugin yet! Glad to hear that you like it though, I’m interested in trying it out along with his new Clipping plugin.

  2. Interesting. Which bundle do you have? I’ll probably get the “SSL 4000 Collection” which includes this plugin. Does it colour the sound when you put it flat on a track? What’s your lead vocals ratio and release usually? Do you set the release so fast and the ratio so high on them too?

    • I have the Studio Classics Collection, but the SSL plugins are my most used. The analog sound / colour does add up over a number of tracks. For other vocals I would use the same attack and release, but maybe a lower ratio.

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